Client Services – What we do

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At The Business of Cities we provide intelligence and mentoring to public and private sector leadership groups in over 100 global cities, global firms and inter-governmental organisations. We help our clients to:

  • Understand the past, present and future success and failures of cities.
  • Organise their businesses to address the urban future.
  • Lead and promote their cities.
  • Advocate for cities from outside City Hall.

Our work offers unique client benefits because of its exclusive blend of:


Recent projects include:

  • Writing the first of three investigative reports on behalf of the Urban Land Institute on the topic of density. The first paper discusses the meanings of density and misconceptions around it, and looks to distill the ingredients which contribute to the creation of successful density.
  • Co-authoring a report with the OECD which highlights the lessons that can be learnt from successful local economic leadership in four European cities.
  • Collaborating with Jones Lang LaSalle to develop a comprehensive review of the widest possible collection of global city indexes, benchmarks and comparative rankings..