MIPIM open for details : 10th - 12th March 2015

10th March: New City Powerhouses Event – New Economy Manchester/OECD

10th March: GVA Bilfinger Event – Liverpool

10th March: StockholmInvetment and Development Event – Stockholm

11th March: ULI Density Breakfast

11th March: GVA Bilfinger Event – Leeds and Munich

11th March: London Stansted Cambrige Consortium event – LSCC

11th March: London World City 1991 to 2021 Book Launch

11th March: Oslo Future event – Oslo

11th March: GVA/LSCC Life Science Innovation Space – GVA/LSCC

11th March: UK Cities Devolution Leaders Debate – Marketing Manchester

11th March: London Standsted Cambridge Consortium Dinner

12th March: Knowledge Economy Seminar – Leeds

12th March: Architecture & Urban Recilliance Seminar