New Book: The Short History of Global Cities

The Business of Cities Chairman Greg Clark has published a newglobal-cities-book-image-2 book, entitled The Short History of Global Cities. The book was released at a public launch at Brookings Institution in Washington DC on September 27th 2016, at an event chaired by Financial Times columnist Edward Luce.

This new and distinctive book provides a bite-size introduction to the 4,000 year history and present of global cities, identifying the enduring attributes and enablers of these cities –  trade, connectivity, discovery, innovation, diverse entrepreneurship, and geopolitical opportunity. Ranging from Alexandria to the Aztec cities, from San Francisco to Singapore, the book reveals the factors that have made cities ‘global’, and the ingredients that have allowed some to endure while others fade. The book also looks ahead to the future, examining the new drivers that are transforming cities around the world, and the emerging challenges that global cities will face.

The Short History of Global Cities is available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle) here and the publishers page can be found here.