New Business of Cities Report on the Future of Cities

The Business of Cities team have written a new report for the Future Cities Catapult and the Government Office for Science Foresight project, which was published by both institutions today. The report, “What are Future Cities: Meanings, Origins and Uses” looks at how the language we use to talk about cities is evolving, and what impact that can have on urban development. The report makes sense of the growing future cities lexicon, and looks at the different meanings that terms such as ‘future cities’ ‘sustainable cities’ and ‘smart cities’ are taking on.

Peter Madden, CEO of the Future Cities Catapult has said that ‘Bringing clarity to this field will help focus resources towards developing cities that individuals most want to live, work and travel in’. Professor Sir Alan Wilson, Chair of the Lead Expert Group of the Foresight Future of Cities project also explained ‘As the ‘science of cities’ continuously emerges as a distinct field of study, this report provides insights into how different interpretation of these terms can affect city development.’

The full report is available on the Business of Cities website, and can also be downloaded from the Future Cities Catapult website and the Government website .