Leadership of Cities

The fast pace of globalisation and urbanisation throws up numerous challenges for city leaders. Increased mobility and connectivity has led to higher expectations of service delivery and quality, and in many cities has fuelled a larger population base. Put simply, there are more, and more demanding, customers to cater for. Leadership requires awareness of (and attention to) sector competitiveness, infrastructure supply, quality of life, housing, inclusion and sustainability.

The altered roles of cities in the global economy highlight the promise of new and unique leadership models that can ensure the successful running of a city. There is no one-size fits all model. The Business of Cities provides strategic guidance to help city leaders be more proactive, rather than reactive, in managing urban issues. We draw on a wealth of first-hand experience, insight and knowledge of past and present city leaders in all global regions, in order to equip the leaders of the future with the tools they need to respond to a new urban world.

City leadership extends beyond mayors and city councils. Business leadership and civic leadership are playing an increasingly important and responsive and spearheading role. We work with these organisations to help learn how to build an effective, inclusive and unified agenda.

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