Metropolitan Strategic Planning

From 1830s London to 2010s Mumbai, cities outgrow their borders. The risks of failing to respond to the evolving metropolitan space include a lack of critical mass, co-ordination problems, wasteful internal competition and incoherent messages.

Growing cities have gradually recognised the importance to re-organise and re-align policy, governance and investment to match their functional metropolitan geography. Strategic planning at the metropolitan level helps cities respond to unforeseen population growth, catch up with sprawl, re-position after conflict or authoritarian rule, and even to confront climate change.

The Business of Cities helps cities navigate the challenge of building a long-term metropolitan strategic framework. We have worked with city-regions such as Barcelona, Gauteng, Mumbai, New York on how to aggregate initiatives, influence planning processes and leverage government and non-government stakeholders. Drawing on over a decade of attaché involvement on OECD Territorial Reviews of regional development, we provide critical insight into comparative best practice of institution-building, scenario planning, metropolitan identity, investment tie-ins and citizen communication.

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