What is The Business of Cities?

Founded in 2008, The Business of Cities is an established intelligence and advisory practice whose work informs decision-making around the rapidly evolving relationship between business and cities.

Based in central London at the UCL City Leadership Laboratory, we employ first-hand insight and data analysis tools to help city leadership, global firms, business leadership and international organisations understand the latest dynamics of urbanisation and globalisation.

Our in-depth reports have provided coverage of more than 250 cities in over 50 countries. Our current research focuses on themes such as the urban innovation economy, city deals and the future governance of metropolitan areas, the DNA of cities, city financing and investment tools, and the next generation of national policies for cities.

Alongside this analysis, we provide bespoke assessment of city performance and perception, based on our pioneering use of over 350 city indexes and benchmarks, and database of metropolitan and regional performance metrics.

Our established partners include the OECD, World Bank, United Cities and Local Government, Jones Lang LaSalle, Urban Land Institute, New York Regional Plan Association, Brookings Institution, UCL, Oslo Business Region, Greater Sydney Commission and many more.

The Business of Cities is chaired by Prof Greg Clark CBE, and is led by directors Emily Moir and Dr Tim Moonen. Project teams utilise the expertise of in-house and postgraduate researchers who specialise in city and regional planning, econometrics, international development and political science. The Business of Cities also works with ministers, economists and planners around the world to build its knowledge and advisory platform.

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