Leveraging International Knowledge for Cities

An International Advisory Board draws together senior international perspectives to offer a unique platform for local leaders to draw insights and wisdom from.

The Business of Cities has helped lead advisory committees in over 15 cities, including most recently for New York’s 4th Regional Plan, São Paulo’s Strategic Plan, Oslo Brand Strategy, the Strategic Plan of Turin, and Moscow’s Urban Development. The committees support cities and regions to begin new phases of long term planning, manage new governance changes, optimise programmes of investment, and tackle major challenges.

Through its unique network of leaders, policymakers, investors and planners, The Business of Cities helps convene practitioner experts in an independent setting to support cities as they look for solutions and guidance in implementing their goals. Because the advice and guidance is immediate, global in perspective, wise, up to date, and honed through real life management of cities, and execution of complex interventions, it has great validity and value for the hosting cities.

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