The Business of Cities Ltd is an intelligence and strategy firm based in London, that observes, comments, and reports on global trends and changes in cities, leadership, and development.

We provide intelligence, knowledge, analysis and insight on cities, regions, and business development worldwide. We work internationally with public and private sector leadership in more than 100 global cities, global firms, and inter-governmental organisations.

We help our clients to:

  • Understand the past, present and future success and failures of cities.
  • Organise their businesses to address the urban future.
  • Lead and promote their cities.
  • Advocate for cities from outside City Hall.

The News

Monday 2nd March 2015

WCANS Report

World Cities and Nation States: Promoting a new deal for the 21st Century

Moscow Urban Forum has published new research by The Business of Cities on the dynamic relationships between world cities and their national governments. Entitled ‘World Cities and Nation States: Promoting a New Deal for the 21st Century’, this groundbreaking report sheds new light on the way political systems in 12 world ...

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GCI Image

Three new reports for the Global Cities Initiative

Working with guidance form our colleagues at Brookings and JP Morgan Chase we have prepared three new reports for the Global Cities Initiative, focussed on the 10 Traits of Global Fluency in 3 world class cities. Highlighted by Hong Kong's unique global roles, assets and strategic challenges the review of Hong ...

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SP Speech Image

The Business of Cities speech at University of Sao Paulo

Greg Clark gave a keynote speech at University of Sao Paulo Centre for Cities on the six new trends in the relationships between cities and business, emphasising the re-urbanisation of business, the growth in traded urban services, and the role of cities in business innovation. The audiences was 150 from ...

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Making of a World City Image

Making of a World City London 1991 to 2021

New book by Greg Clark published by Wiley Blackwell   This book describes the journey that London has taken to becoming a world city since 1991. It reveals the surprising and unexpected elements of London’s journey and reflects on the challenges that lie ahead for London.   The future of cities depends on their ...

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Business of Cities

The Business of Cities: Essay

One important trend in the investigation into the future of cities is the rapidly evolving relationship between cities and business. Cities and commerce have always been inextricably linked, but at least three global trends appear to be changing the bonds between the two: Cities are becoming essential places for businesses to ...

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